See photos of the street dogs, cats, cows, and other animals we serve at TOLFA.


  • Sunil poses alongside Yang, one of the many dogs who have lifelong sanctuary at TOLFA
  • One of our 2 animal ambulances ready to start the days busy rescue work
  • A puppy being examined by one of our vets

Rescue & Care

  • Our rescue team respond to up to 30 call for help every day
  • As well as our medical staff, animals are cared for by our nurturers for extra support and love
  • The majority of our patients are street dogs, but we also regularly treat cows, donkeys and cats
  • Our vets assess a dog admitted with mange

Before & After

  • A dog recovered from mange
  • Puppy with a broken leg found in a nearby village
  • Mojo was suffering with a horrendous head wound when he was rescued and brought to TOLFA
  • Alfie was hit by a train resulting in a horrific injury. With intensive treatment and care at TOLFA he made an incredible recovery and found a new home with a local family
  • Many wounds become maggot-infested during and after the monsoon season and need immediate veterinary care
  • This cat is unrecognisable after the skin condition was healed at TOLFA


  • A visitor at our puppy kennels
  • TOLFA's dispensary is open every day for our villager's goat clinic and owner pets clinic
  • There are over 250 kennels at TOLFA including separate mange, quarantine and puppy kennels
  • We have a separate cattery for our feline friends


  • Have a fun Doggy Day at your place of work
  • We often need volunteers to help at events, please get in touch if you'd like to help
  • Have a go at a mud run, marathon or obstacle race to raise funds for TOLFA
  • Small business love fundraising for TOLFA
  • We can support you with donation buckets, leaflets and by promoting your fundraising on social media


  • TOLFA employs 45 local people who work at the hospital
  • Our staff make a great team, many are related, and we often offer rewards and engage in team-building activities
  • TOLFA employ 2 local women who works as large animal nurturers

Educational Programs

  • We have developed our own Education Program for schoolchildren and communities
  • TOLFA is welcomed by local schools to teach children the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare and Rabies Awareness
  • Children find the classes engaging. We have an accompanying workbook and animated video

Beautiful Pushkar

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