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See photos of the street dogs, cats, cows, and other animals we serve at TOLFA.


  • Sunil poses alongside Yang, one of the many dogs who have lifelong sanctuary at TOLFA
  • One of our 2 animal ambulances ready to start the days busy rescue work
  • A puppy being examined by one of our vets

Rescue & Care

  • Our rescue team respond to up to 30 call for help every day
  • As well as our medical staff, animals are cared for by our nurturers for extra support and love
  • The majority of our patients are street dogs, but we also regularly treat cows, donkeys and cats
  • Our vets assess a dog admitted with mange

Before & After


  • A visitor at our puppy kennels
  • TOLFA's dispensary is open every day for our villager's goat clinic and owner pets clinic
  • There are over 250 kennels at TOLFA including separate mange, quarantine and puppy kennels
  • We have a separate cattery for our feline friends



  • TOLFA employs 45 local people who work at the hospital
  • Our staff make a great team, many are related, and we often offer rewards and engage in team-building activities
  • TOLFA employ 2 local women who works as large animal nurturers


  • We have developed our own Education Program for schoolchildren and communities
  • TOLFA is welcomed by local schools to teach children the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare and Rabies Awareness
  • Children find the classes engaging. We have an accompanying workbook and animated video

Beautiful Pushkar

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Watch videos of TOLFA’s work with India’s street dogs, cows, and other animals. Scroll down to see all of our videos! Visit our YouTube channel.


Books and Press


Mojo & the Tree of Life, by Brett Cole. Sitting lifeless on a street in the desert city of Jaisalmer in western India… follow Mojo’s odyssey to TOLFA. Read book.


Slum Dogs of India, a photographic journey across India and her encounters with the street dogs that are part of the landscape, by Eloise Leydon. View book on Amazon.

Rafi’s Indian Dream, by Nicola Gothard, published by Generation 2050.

A book about India’s street dogs, hope and friendship for children. Available from eBay for Charity store HERE

TOLFA Ambassador Jo Carnegie has a wonderful article about TOLFA and the transforming power of animals in December 2017’s issue of In The Moment magazine

You can read more of Jo’s experiences at TOLFA HERE

We are thrilled to be featured in the latest edition of the Tailchaser Times – the official magazine of Burns Pet Nutrition.

You can view the digital copy of the magazine HERE. TOLFA are featured on pages 16-18.