• We always have puppies, dogs and cats looking for new homes. Desi dogs have fewer medical problems than breed dogs, they are strong, beautiful and very loyal.
  • If you would like to adopt an animal from TOLFA please visit between 10am and 4pm or call the office on 9875 165585 (10am – 5pm).

Dog Hostel Service

If you need to go out of area then leave your dog in safety with us! We have specially designed kennels where your dog will receive food, water and lots of attention whilst you are away. Fees:

  • Rs. 2,000/- payable in advance for up to 10 day stay.
  • After 10 days the charge is Rs. 150/- per day payable on collection of your dog.
  • Please call our Dispensary on 9116 622585 (10am – 5pm) for more information.


  • If you see a sick or injured animal within the Pushkar or Ajmer areas please call our RESCUE vehicle on 9829 965585 (8am – 5pm).
  • We receive many complaints every day to attend to animals and we prioritise these calls on a case by case basis so please be patient and we will attend as soon as possible.
  • Please note we will not attend to collect animals with owners or wildlife. For wildlife problems please contact the forestry department on 0145 242 9796.

Pet Clinics

If your pet is sick or injured you can bring it our clinic between 10am and 5pm any day where it will receive the very best medical care from our qualified and experienced doctors. Other services available:

  • Hostel Service (see above)
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite Treatments
  • Nasbandi Operations

Donations apply for Pet Clinic Services – please call our Dispensary on 9116 622585 (10am – 5pm) for more information.


  • You are welcome any day between 10am and 4pm to visit us and see the good work taking place at TOLFA. Directions.
  • A tour will take around 1 hour and we will show you all areas of our work.
  • If you would like to attend as a group please call our Office on 9116 633585 in advance to arrange.