Will you be a Friend of TOLFA for only £5 a month?

As a Friend of TOLFA you are providing invaluable support to our charity and our grassroots work for the animals and people of India. You are also joining our community of supporters – people who know that even the smallest action can make a big difference.

In return you will receive our exclusive monthly Pupdate on our rescue work with animals as well as our full E-Newsletter every two months.

Become a Friend of TOLFA!

Your £5 a month could pay for one of the following each and every month at TOLFA:

  • 3 blankets to keep our vulnerable kittens and puppies warm at night (India is known as a hot country but it gets cold a night in Rajasthan!)
  • Enough green grass to feed the many cows and donkeys at TOLFA for one day – we provide lifelong sanctuary to around 12 donkeys and 20 cows, as well as those that are here for treatment and recovery—help us keep them well–fed and happy!
  • One of our nurturing staff’s wages for 2 days – enabling them to take extra care of the very weak and vulnerable. It’s not just treatments and medicines that help our animals—many benefit from the care of our nurturers who provide round-the-clock care!