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Please note that you can either use your PayPal account, or a credit card. You don’t need a PayPal account to use your credit card. For UK donations use the buttons directly below. Amounts are in GBP.

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Donate by Cheque

If you would like to send us a cheque via the post please use the address on our Contact Page and make the cheque payable to Tree of Life for Animals.

Gift Aid

UK taxpayers can download the TOLFA GIFT AID FORM and we can claim 25p for every £1 you donate all at NO EXTRA COST to you!

Standing Orders

Follow the Standing Orders tab above to find out how to set up a standing order or regular payment.

Tax-Exemption Notice

We are a registered charity. Receipts can be issued for all donations for tax purposes, and direct donations to TOLFA India are exempt under SECTION 80G of the Income Tax Act in India. Registered UK Charity No: 1120789. Registered Charitable Trust India No: 3397231006.

Standing Orders


Standing Orders

To set up a standing order using online banking you will need our account details as below:

Bank: National Westminster Bank (Natwest)
Account name: Tree of Life for Animals
Sort code: 54-21-38
Account number: 28623703

IBAN: GB96 NWBK 5421 3828 6237 03

If you would like us to send you a form to set up a standing order please contact us with your name and address via our Contact Page,


To set up a regular or one-off bank transfer payment from inside India, please use our bank details as below:

Bank: Indusind Bank, Ajmer Branch,
Account ID: 10543697
Account Name: Tree of Life for Animals
Account Number: 100007224895

You can also speak to someone at the TOLFA India office on 09875165585.

Friends of TOLFA

Teja & Calf

Will you be a Friend of TOLFA for only £5 a month?

As a Friend of TOLFA you are providing invaluable support to our charity and our grassroots work for the animals and people of India. You are also joining our community of supporters – people who know that even the smallest action can make a big difference.

In return you will receive an EXCLUSIVE monthly pupdate on our work and animals that will introduce a special animal each month who has made an amazing recovery thanks to TOLFA!

You will also receive our full E-Newsletter every two months, as well as a certificate stating your support for TOLFA.

Become a Friend of TOLFA!

Download a Friends of TOLFA form or Email for a Friends of TOLFA membership pack

Your £5 a month could pay for one of the following each and every month at TOLFA:

  • 3 blankets to keep our vulnerable kittens and puppies warm at night (India is known as a hot country but it gets cold a night in Rajasthan!)
  • Enough green grass to feed the many cows and donkeys at TOLFA for one day – we provide lifelong sanctuary to around 12 donkeys and 20 cows, as well as those that are here for treatment and recovery—help us keep them well–fed and happy!
  • One of our nurturing staff’s wages for 2 days – enabling them to take extra care of the very weak and vulnerable. It’s not just treatments and medicines that help our animals—many benefit from the care of our nurturers who provide round-the-clock care!


Gift Aid

Friends mean even more with Gift Aid! If you are a UK taxpayer make sure you fill out a Gift Aid form – TOLFA can claim back 25p on every pound you donate and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

Wish List


TOLFA’s Wish List

It is often difficult and expensive to get packages shipped to India and many of the items we need on a daily basis to improve the life and welfare of the animals are available to us within India with your help!

To sponsor items on our Wish List simply click on the donate tab above, fill in the appropriate amount, and be sure to add a note on the payment form (there’s a space for notes) telling us it’s for items from the Wish List. Then check our Facebook Page, as we periodically post photos of thanks showing items that have been sponsored.

Wish List Contributions within India

If you live within India and would like to make a donation in kind the following items are always needed and welcomed. You can send them directly to our hospital or make an arrangement through our office on 09875165585.


Dog Feeding:
Rice, Daal, Daliya, Toast, Bags of Pedigree


Cow Feeding:
Kutti Fodder, Daliya, Green Grass

Other Items:
Iron katori bowls for dog feed and water, iron dagara bowls for cow feeding, buckets for cleaning.

General Wish List Contributions


Beds for Puppies and Thin dogs – £5
For our puppies their beds are their comfort and place to curl up and feel safe.
Many of our adult dogs are thin with bones showing clearly through their skin, having a bed to lay in rather than a concrete floor makes all the difference to them!


One Days Green Grass/feed for our donkeys – £5
Rajasthan is the desert region of India and therefore apart from during monsoon season grass does not naturally grow here. Every day we buy in green fodder for our donkeys which is not only aids their digestion but also makes their lives a little bit happier!


3kg Bag of Food for Cats & Kittens – £7.50
We all know how important good nutrition is to healing wounds and making sick animals better. This couldn’t be more true for our feline friends. The readymade food we buy contains all the nutrients necessary to support their recovery.


Winter Blankets for 10 Puppies – £10
Rajasthan is COLD in the winter months! In December and January the temperature can fall to zero during the night. This is also the time when we have an influx of puppies at TOLFA. Blankets and warmth are literally life savers!


15kg Bag of Feed for Our Puppies & Most Vulnerable Dogs – £23
We need to purchase a minimum of 3 bags of specific dog feed every week which is then fed to our puppies and the most sick, vulnerable or wounded animals to help them to heal, grow or support their recovery.



TOLFA is generously supported by a number of legacies and memorial trusts which have not only helped our animals but brought comfort to family and friends. If you are kind enough to leave us a legacy in your will, it is vitally important that you do so through a solicitor or a professional will-writing service. They will guide you through the process and ensure that the wording is in the correct format so that your gift will be able to reach us.

What you should include in your will:
Whether you are writing a new will or amending an old one to include TOLFA, it is most important that you quote our UK Charity Registration number 1120789 and our full charity name ‘Tree of Life for Animals’ so that no matter what, your gift can find us.

Role of Executor:
It is helpful to make your Executor aware of the provisions within your will. It is possible for TOLFA to act as your executor, but for advice please contact the UK Manager.

Specific bequests:
If you would like to leave a legacy for a specific project or works, it is helpful to make this a preference rather than a condition of the legacy as projects and works will change over time. We will endeavour to adhere to your wishes but it leaves us free to use your legacy for the most appropriate project or works should we not be able to fulfil your request.

Your gift will be tax free to TOLFA. You can use charitable legacies in your will to reduce or eliminate your inheritance tax duties. You will need to discuss this with your solicitor.

There are four main types of legacy. Below are examples of wording that can be used for each:

Residuary bequest (a share of your estate)
I give (%) of the residue of my real and personal estate to Tree of Life for Animals (UK Registered Charity No 1120789). Refer to the UK Charities Commission for the current address of the charity. The receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer for the time being of Tree of Life for Animals shall be a complete discharge to my executors.

Pecuniary bequest (a set sum)
I give the sum of [……..] pounds to Tree of Life for Animals (UK Registered Charity No 1120789). Refer to the UK Charities Commission for the current address of the charity. The receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer for the time being of Tree of Life for Animals shall be a complete discharge to my executors.

Specific legacy bequest (a named item)
I give to Tree of Life for Animals (UK Registered Charity No 1120789) absolutely, my (name and description of item). Refer to the UK Charities Commission for the current address of the charity. If you are leaving a named item, please indicate your preference for its use, e.g ‘for sale at the best price and the proceeds going towards running costs’

Reversionary legacies/Life interest trusts
Typically this would be a property. My trustees shall hold [name and description of item] on trust for [name of lifetime beneficiary] during his lifetime and, following his death, hold the capital and income for Tree of Life for Animals (UK Registered Charity No 1120789). Refer to the UK Charities Commission for the current address of the charity. The receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer for the time being of Tree of Life for Animals shall be a complete discharge to my trustees […].

For further information regarding legacies, please contact the UK Manager.