Please Note: Some images are graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers.

These are just a few examples of the difference TOLFA makes in the lives of suffering animals 365 days a year. TOLFA has served thousands of animals since 2005. Read more about Our Achievements. Your Donation makes a tangible, real-world difference.
  • A dog recovered from mange
  • Puppy with a broken leg found in a nearby village
  • Mojo was suffering with a horrendous head wound when he was rescued and brought to TOLFA
  • Alfie was hit by a train resulting in a horrific injury. With intensive treatment and care at TOLFA he made an incredible recovery and found a new home with a local family
  • Many wounds become maggot-infested during and after the monsoon season and need immediate veterinary care
  • This cat is unrecognisable after the skin condition was healed at TOLFA