G2 & G1 by Ravi & Felicity Shankar in loving memory of their cat Bumble and dog Leopold.

For £ 200 per year you can sponsor a kennel. To sponsor a kennel contact us. We have 153 kennels at the hospital:

  • 21 for sterilisations
  • 100 for rescue & care
  • 23 puppy & cat kennels
  • 10 in our quarantine block.
  • 20 specifically for dogs with Mange

Every year each kennel has an average of 18 dogs pass through its doors. £200 will pay for all the feed and medicines for our patients and the cleaning and maintenance of the kennel for a whole year. That is less than £17 per month!

Your sponsored kennel/s will have a plaque ray ban outlet on the door with wording of your choice. We will send fake ray bans you a photo of the kennel with it’s plaque and first resident cheap nhl jerseys and will oakley outlet update you throughout the year on the residents of the kennel/s that you have helped.

Please watch our short video about sponsoring a kennel:

Kennel Sponsorship:

Contact us to arrange your Kennel Sponsorship.

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