Sponsor Kennels

G2 & G1 by Ravi & Felicity Shankar in loving memory of their cat Bumble and dog Leopold.

For £ 200 per year you can sponsor a kennel. To sponsor a kennel contact us. We have 153 kennels at the hospital:

  • 21 for sterilisations
  • 100 for rescue & care
  • 23 puppy & cat kennels
  • 10 in our quarantine block.
  • 20 specifically for dogs with Mange

Every year each kennel has an average of 18 dogs pass through its doors. £200 will pay for all the feed and medicines for our patients and the cleaning and maintenance of the kennel for a whole year. That is less than £17 per month!

Your sponsored kennel/s will have a plaque on the door with wording of your choice. We will send you a photo of the kennel with it’s plaque and first resident and will update you throughout the year on the residents of the kennel/s that you have helped.

Please watch our short video about sponsoring a kennel:

Kennel Sponsorship:

Contact us to arrange your Kennel Sponsorship.

Sponsor Staff


We have a fantastic staff team in India who have all been hand picked over the years because they have shown genuine care and respect for animals.

We currently employ 32 members of staff and their wages are one of our biggest expenditures every month.  We know they are worth it as without them the hospital couldn’t run to the high standards of care and animal welfare it does.

Every member of staff is the main wage earner in their family so not only are you supporting their work at TOLFA you are also helping their wives, children, parents and extended family.

Please watch our short video about sponsorship of staff.

We also have one part time member of staff in the UK dealing with admin, fundraising and legal matters. Employing someone in the UK was a big move for us as we are committed to  ensuring that as much of your money goes towards the direct project costs as possible.  We held off for as long as we could, but due to the rate that TOLFA is growing, we couldn’t put it off any longer.

Because we want to be totally transparent with our supporters, we openly declare that our UK administrator works 15 hours per week at national minimum wage.

To sponsor a member of staff contact us.

Host Fundraisers

Fundraise for TOLFA!

From cakes sales and quiz nights to tattoo flash days and mud runs – there are so many ways you can raise money for TOLFA! In the past a whole variety of activities have happened on our behalf and they all help awareness for our work and much needed funds for our animals.

A recent Doggy Day at a supporter’s workplace raised over £700! Whatever amount you raise will help us to keep saving lives in India so please get out there and give it a go!

There are some great ideas for events and fundraisers here, and we have lots of Promotional Materials available too.

We are happy to help and support you throughout the whole process of setting up and running your event or fundraiser. Please do contact our team at events@tolfa.org.uk for assistance.

Pet Memorial

Nothing can replace a loving friend and companion, but you can create a lasting memorial.

A pet memorial at TOLFA means so much more as your pet’s legacy will give the gift of life to sick and injured street animals in India. We will make a hand-carved, personalised wooden plaque in memory of your pet which will stay forever in our Garden of Peace at TOLFA. You will receive a certificate and a regular newsletter about TOLFA, our work and animals. A unique and compassionate way to remember your beloved pet.

TOLFA’s Garden of Peace is a small walled garden on our grounds that serves as a place of quiet and reflection amidst the busy working life of TOLFA.

Your donation of £60 supports our Rescue and Care project which helps sick and injured animals every day. These animals have nowhere else to go when they need it the most and the TOLFA Animal Hospital and Shelter never turns an animal away.

Please contact us at enquiries@tolfa.org.uk to arrange your personalised Pet Memorial

Ebay Shop


TOLFA Ebay Shop

Our very first Ebay stock was purchased via a donation, this means we have absolutely no overheads, and therefore that EVERY penny you spend on one of our beautiful, handmade items will come directly to helping the street animals of Rajasthan. Visit TOLFA’s Ebay shop.