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These are just a few examples of the difference TOLFA makes in the lives of suffering animals 365 days a year. TOLFA has served thousands of animals since 2005. Read more about Our Achievements. Your Donation makes a tangible, real-world difference.

FawnAt the end of 2014 Fawn was living near the Sikh temple in Pushkar and was nearly lifeless, barely able to move from malnourishment and suffering from terrible mange. After several months of intensive treatment at TOLFA the transformation has been dramatic!

B&W Head MW (Sid)When Sid came in on our rescue vehicle he was collapsed from pain and shock. Being quite an old man we didn’t know if he would make it but Sid was a fighter and wasn’t going to give up! Many months and medical treatments later Sid went back to his family group and territory with just a small bald spot to show for his battle.

BonnieBonnie had been hit by a vehicle but more worrying than her horrific shoulder wound was that she was paralysed from the neck down. It took weeks of physio, encouragement and hand feeding but she slowly began to sit, then stand with a wobble at which point there was no stopping her! She was later returned to her loving caregiver in Ajmer.

H1 Mange PupWe’d met this boy before! He’d been with us fighting distemper as a puppy and had now returned with mange. He became an instant favourite due to the sparkle in his eye and that verve and sparkle was what helped him recover so quickly from mange.

White head wound dogMatty’s head wound was deep and full of maggots. He was understandably in pain and shocked when he first came in. However, he turned in to a soppy puppy once he realised he was safe and we were going to help him. It took several months for the wound to heal completely and he had a nice scar to return to his territory with, but he had lived to tell the tale!


Jasper came to TOLFA suffering from severe mange. After three months with good food, the correct medication and lots of love and affection, he was the healthiest and happiest he’s ever been.


Billie came to us suffering from an extensive skin infection. After many months of medical treatment and a lot of love he grew to be a big, beautiful, healthy cat who now lives with us at TOLFA.


When Chloe first came to TOLFA we thought we would have to remove her eye due to the deepness and severity of the wound. But Chloe wasn’t going to give up that easily, and once again showed us the strength and resilience of street dogs by recovering completely with both eyes intact!


Marvin not only had mange as a small puppy, but had also had his back foot run over. It took many months of medical baths, care and a lot of love to win Marvin round to the bright, fat, happy dogs he is today but we did it!


Piper is a classic example of the horrific, unthinkable condition that some of India’s street dogs are in. It takes hard work and long-term dedication to save a dog like Piper from its misery. TOLFA’s staff works tirelessly to serve dogs like Piper, who would otherwise languish in agony on the street.


Barbie – Although both of Barbie’s front feet were damaged when she came to TOLFA, her biggest problem was that she was incredibly sad. We don’t know what her story was before, but when one of our nurturing volunteers took Barbie under her wing she blossomed into a happy, bright little girl who now loves to play with anyone who happens to pass by.


Goby was rescued from a rural village outside Pushkar, where he was staggering around in agony with a broken leg after being hit by a vehicle. He nursed his leg back to health in the safety of the puppy yard at TOLFA, and made a lot of new friends in the process!


Alfie was a very special case. He was hit by a train and is chest and stomach “de-gloved.” This was THE most extensive we have ever seen at TOLFA but Alfie, being a calm, accepting gentleman put his trust in us, and although it took 6 months he recovered and returned to his care giver. This truly was a miracle recovery! Watch a video about Alfie.


Penny was rescued half starved and with a large wound at Pushkar Camel Fair in 2011. She lived out the rest of her days (almost a year) in the sanctuary and peace of TOLFA.


Mojo came to TOLFA from 450km away in the desert city of Jaisalmer, with a severely infected head wound. Read Mojo’s story.


Wonkey Donkey had a ruptured tumour on his ear and had been abandoned in the street. An ear amputation later and he’s fit and healthy but will forever be known as “Wonkey Donkey.


Twiggy – Twiggy came to TOLFA looking like a walking skeleton covered in skin such was the extent of her malnourishment. It took a very long time – 6 months in fact – for Twiggy to slowly regain her appetite, weight and be the healthy happy dog we know and love today.

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